Nokia Streaming Box 8010

The Nokia Streaming Box 8010 is the best Android TV box I tested so far. It's hardware is powerful and is Netflix approved to stream in full HD or 4K. This Box is excellent, runs fast and stable, and features a Bluetooth Voice enabled Remote, which cannot be controlled with an IR remote such as the Harmony.

Hardware & Software

  • Nokia Streaming Box 8010 (aka Box), RAM: 4GB, ROM: 32GB, USB3 & Ethernet port.
  • Logitech Harmony Companion (aka Harmony) which controls TV, Amp, and media player.
  • Logitech K400+ Keyboard (aka Keyboard) which allows comfortable text imput.
  • Android TV 11


  • Settings → Device Preferences → Screen saver: set When to start: 30 minutes, Screen saver: Backdrop
  • Settings → Device Preferences → Language: set Language to English (United States) or German (Switzerland)
  • Settings → Accounts & sign-in: sign in to your Google account
  • Settings → Device Preferences → About: System update to the latest Android 11 build
  • Settings → Device Preferences → Date & Time: set Automatic date & time, time zone and Use 24-hour format
  • Settings → Device Preferences → About: Enable Developer Mode by clicking 8 times Android TV OS build
  • Connect to the device with Android Debug Bridge
  • Map keys as explained in Button Mapper
  • Pair the device with the Harmony Remote