Firefox for TV

Firefox for TV Setup

Firefox for TV is available in the US app store for Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV stick. Since the Fire TV OS is based on Android the app will run on any Android platform, but needs a few keyboard tweaks for proper operation, which are explained in the previous section Button Mapper Setup. In addition I recommend to change the Android TV tile icon and the pinned web sites to your liking.

After having installed Firefox for TV 4.7.1 downloaded from APKMirror, or Firefox for TV 4.7.1 with modified tile icon from apk file, proceed with configuration of Firefox for TV as explained below.

  1. Install APK Editor Studio or Android Studio. APK Editor Studio is easier to use but more limited than Android Studio, it's sufficient to implement the suggested changes for Firefox TV.
  2. With APK Editor Studio, open the Firefox TV apk.
  3. Click “Application Icon” and replace the built-in icon with a nicer one for Android TV (Firefox TV).
  4. Click “Open Contents”, then find folder “assets\bundled\”. File “bundled_tiles.json” contains the url definitions, which you can freely modify. Besides my favorite urls I use a “bookmark” url which I can later modify without changing the json file, for example:
            "id": "bookmarks",
            "url": "",
            "title": "Bookmarks",
            "img": "tile_bookmarks.png"
            "id": "bco",
            "url": "",
            "title": "Bernard Condrau",
            "img": "tile_bco.png"
  5. Place matching png files with resolution 388x216px in the same folder as the json file, which Firefox TV will pick up to display the tiles.
  6. Click “Save APK” in APK Editor Studio to create your apk with customized pinned tiles.
  7. If you have Firefox TV already installed, uninstall it. APK Editor Studio creates a file with a different signature, which cannot be installed as long as an app with the same name is already installed. Put the new apk on a USB stick and install it with “FX File Explorer”.