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This Wiki was originally intended to share some experience in setting up computers with Windows XP. I soon realized, that it helps me remembering the steps I took to do almost everything which over time gets forgotten. Hence, I expanded this Wiki to be my “extended memory”. It covers computers, although recently I focus more on Linux than on Windows, website programming, Audio & Video ripping and tagging instructions, and more.

I also use this Wiki to take notes and manage my personal todo lists, which I found quite effective because of the simple but effective markup language of DokuWiki, and because it is available on all my clients I'm using (mobile phone, tablet, Windows 7 and Linux clients). All of my private information is stored safely and securely on my own server, and accessed through my domain names and my own cloud.

About Bernard Condrau

I am from Disentis in Graubünden but spent my early years in Zürich, Switzerland, where I later graduated from the Federal Institute of Technology as a mechanical engineer. I acquired my computer and programming skills through studies during my university years, and passion for software programming. Back in 1987 I founded Mammut Soft, together with 2 friends, under which umbrella we developed a comprehensive graphical IDE for the Modula-2 programming language on Atari computers. The product was technically superior but we lacked the marketing skills to make our product and our company a success. After this I turned to management, and 2001 I left Switzerland to work first in Hong Kong and from 2003 in Seoul, South Korea and Bangkok, Thailand. After my retirement in 2016 my wife and I moved to Thailand.

I registered and set up my first website in February 2001, with the help of an offline website development software. Not satisfied with the limited functionality I decided to learn HTML, CSS, and PHP and eventually became quite skillful in it. I also adopted the Joomla CMS early on to build more powerful websites, and in 2007 I set up my Wiki based on the DokuWiki software. In the years to come, I developed several web sites, which I'm also maintaining, all in my free time and as a hobby. My biggest effort was programming a fully functional league management website for the pool and darts league in Seoul, Korea, which currently is in use in many different countries in the world. I also built the websites for my businesses, the This and This restaurant in Hua Hin and Digital Audio from Vinyl, an online service to digitize old vinyl records.

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