Harmony Remote

Pair the Bluetooth remote

Most Android TV device remotes are Bluetooth only. You need to pair the devices first before you can use Harmony to control such devices. For devices which have both, Bluetooth and an IR receiver, you might want to follow a different procedure (see example for the Mecool KM9) because IR works more reliably with Harmony than Bluetooth.

  1. Add the new device (manufacturer: NVIDIA, device: SHIELD) in the PC or Android Harmony app
  2. Open the app on an Android phone or tablet, sync, select the new device, and press the power off button
  3. On you Android TV device go to Settings → Remotes & accessories → Add accessory and follow the pairing instructions

Remote command assignment

  • The Nokia Streaming Box 8010 and the Xiaomi Mi Box S can be controlled when set as Nvidia Shield Remote.
  • Use the Button Mapper app and Kodi's Keymap Editor for optimized functionality of the Harmony remote.
  • The table below shows which keys of the original remote need to be mapped to the Harmony remote in the Harmony setup.
Device Remotes Harmony
Keymap Editor
Action Category1
Standard BT Nokia Remote Shield Remote Mecool BB2 Pro Remote
yes yes yes yes Power On/Off n/a n/a
Power Menu (long press) PowerOn2
Power Power Record n/a n/a
Home Home Home Home Exit n/a n/a
OK Select OK OK OK Select n/a
OK (long press) Key Nr. 71 Mute2 Menu Menu
Info, Guide
Menu Navigation
Back Back Back Return Return Return n/a
Play Play Play Play Play n/a
Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause n/a
Stop Stop Stop Stop Stop n/a
Skip Backward Skip Backward Skip Back Skip Backward Previous n/a
Rewind Rewind Key Nr. 51 Fast Backward Rewind n/a
Skip Forward Skip Forward Skip Forward Skip Forward Next n/a
Fast Forward Fast Forward Key Nr. 71 Fast Forward Fast Forward n/a
Key Nr. 81 Key Nr. 81 Key Nr. 81 Ch Page Up Navigation
Key Nr. 91 Key Nr. 91 Key Nr. 91 Pg Page Down Navigation
LG 3D TV Remote Harmony Remote
3D Red
DirectionLeft Green
DirectionRight Yellow
OK Blue

1 Map Harmony Button to Kodi Function in Kodi's Keymap Editor addon
2 Map Harmony Button to Android Function in Button Mapper
3 Mapping for the original Nokia remote

Mecool KM9

  1. The KM9 has a Bluetooth and a Infrared Receiver, so we do not need to pair via Bluetooth first
  2. For Harmony Remote programming, use MECOOL as manufacturer, and BB2 Pro as device
  3. The stock remote has a numeric key pad, which we can use to get Playback and Navigation functionality properly set up, as we do not need numeric keys in Kodi.
  4. Open MyHarmony on your PC, then edit the button assignments for the Kodi activity. Assign numeric keys to the Harmony remote keys which correspond to Kodi functions according to below's table.
  5. In Kodi, use Keymap Editor to map the keys to Kodi functions. Run Keymap Editor in Program Addons, then go to Edit → Global and chose the Action Category. Assign all keys, then Save them.
  6. A GamePad has a “Home” button, the equivalent for OK is the “A” button, the equivalent for Return is the “B” button. Other buttons would need to be mapped, but it is actually better to then use the remote for navigation.