TightVNC server

  1. Download TightVNC and select Installer for Windows (64-bit)
  2. Run the downloaded msi file, then click Next in the Welcome to the TightVNC Setup Wizard windowWelcome to the TightVNC Setup Wizard
  3. Accept the End-User License Agreement and click NextEnd-User License Agreement
  4. Choose Setup Type by clicking TypicalChoose Setup Type
  5. Accept Select Additional Tasks as proposed and click NextSelect Additional Tasks
  6. Click Install when Ready to install TightVNCReady to install TightVNC
  7. Select Do not use password protection for both passwords in the TightVNC Server: Set Passwords pop-up and click OKTightVNC Server: Set Passwords
  8. Click Finish once the Completed the TightVNC Setup Wizard window showsCompleted the TightVNC Setup Wizard