Watch TV which is restricted to domestic IP

Establish tunnel on server

Establish a SOCKS proxy on your linux server through a secure box:

$ ssh -N -C -D my.server.ip.address:serverport -p secureboxport
$ autossh -C -D [my.server.ip.address:]serverport -p secureboxport

If you want to have the tunnel established automatically during system startup, add the command above to file /etc/rc.local

Establish proxy on client

Install ProxyDroid on your Android TV box and set the following settings:

proxy server: my.server.ip.address
proxy port: serverport
protocol: SOCKS5

Whenever you switch on your TV box, enable the proxy first, then go to your application to view TV.

Proxy on Windows 10 client

  • Install FoxyProxy on Google Chrome or Firefox
  • Add New Proxy as localhost:1080
  • Use Putty to establish a SOCKS5 proxy through SSH. Add a dynamic tunnel with source port 1080, forwarded to your proxy server at destination.