Custom extensions



Include html files into pages

  1. Create w3data.js in folder lib/scripts.
  2. Put the following code into your page:
    <script src="lib/scripts/w3data.js"></script>
    <div w3-include-html="content.html"></div> 
  3. Replace “content.html” above with the file name and path, which you want to include into the page.
  4. If you need to access files outside of the wiki's file root, create a symbolic link to the required directory.
  5. The style definitions on this page override the template defaults.
  6. Warning: make sure you enter path and name to the file correctly. If the file cannot be found, then DokuWiki will not allow to modify the page anymore, and you will need shell access to the server and modify the file through a command line editor.

See How TO - Include HTML