Outlook to iOS Sync

This guide describes how you can sync between Outlook and iOS devices using an ownCloud server appliance and OutlookDAV 6.3. Besides ownCloud, any other WebDAV server could be used.


Tool Version Appliance Sync Cost Support Maker
OutlookDAV 6.3 Windows Service fast 1) 15 USD p.a. developer, fast Comodo
WebDAV Collaborator for Outlook 1.6 Outlook Plugin fast 2) 29 USD o.t. no support 3) Bynari
cFos Outlook DAV 1.65 Outlook Plugin slow 4) 10 EUR o.t. not tested cFos

I tested many different sync solutions. OutlookDAV and WebDAV Collaborator were the only tools which actually worked. OutlookDAV runs as a windows service, which has the huge advantage in that it does not slow down Outlook or make iresponsive during syncing.

Before you sync, consider to delete unused address entries, and Delete or archive older calendar items.

Overview of outlook sync solutions: Sharing Outlook Calendar and Contacts

1) Asia/Seoul timezone was mapped wrongly. The developer fixed this within a few days.
2) every sync had 1 error, which I could not resolve
3) after changing the license to a new machine the plugin would not work, and Bynari refused to help
4) Outlook freezes during sync