What's New

  1. the league software is now branded as “Bethico League”
  2. new code for multi-frame games
  3. logic for saving games in playoff matches changed. Before, playoff games would not be saved once the match was won by games. Now, all games with players selected will be saved.
  4. new selector in the season setup (back-end) to choose between games won and games difference (won / lost). This will show in Standings view.
  5. sorting default in the season setup (back-end) is now not set. If you need to have “Total points” as sorting criteria, you need to enable the checkbox.
  6. added copyright notices for contributors to the website

Fixed Issues

  1. entering tournaments: under some conditions the site would change the bracket positions of players entered, and would not allow to rearrange it correctly
  2. save in “Edit Match” would change player positions when a game was skipped in temporary match entry, or when a game was entered incomplete, e.g. when entered player names of only one team when “save” was hit
  3. schedule upload in back-end fixed for seasons without divisions
  4. local time was not set correctly for the league, resulting in date/time sensitive functionality not working, e.g. “Season → Schedule” would not change to next week's schedule at midnight of the league play day
  5. daylight savings time now handled correctly
  6. the “Latest Results” page now includes arbitrary ruled matches
  7. some season settings incorrectly saved when the season was modified in the back-end after season start