Adding an image to an article

In the text below, (green/blue/red arrow) refers to a marked location in the image. Click the image to view it in full size.

  1. Open the article to edit in the back-end
  2. Select the location where you want to insert the image (green arrow), then click “Image” at the lower left corner (blue arrow)Add image
  3. Select the image (red arrow), the image URL field will populate with the path and name of the image file, then click “Insert” (blue arrow). If the image is in one of the sub directories, navigate to the directory first, then select the imageSelect image
  4. If it is a new image, which is not saved to the website server yet, then click “Browse” (green arrow) first, after selecting the file click “Upload” (blue arrow). The file will upload, after which you can select is as per the previous stepUpload image
  5. After the image is added to your article, right-click the image (green arrow), then select “Insert/edit image” (blue arrow) to edit its attributes. You can then add a title, change alignment and size of the image, etc.Change attributes of an image